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Featuring Sophia Smith, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

9 minute video & 274 photos

.......COMMUNICATION START...EXPEDITION CRAFT ALPHA TO MOTHERSHIP...We have now reached the target planet Earth. Our mission: To bring back Earthlings to our planet where bondage and sex are not just fun, THEY ARE THE LAW!!...To complete our mission, we are taking the form of two highly sexual Earth female humans. We will chain ourselves together, kiss each other, gag ourselves, and grope each other's bodies intimately. No Earthling will be able to resist!!!...... SEE MORE...

pussy bondage

Featuring Megan Cox

17 minute video & 168 photos

Gorgeous Megan Cox is today's auction lot. How much will you bid for this harem sex slave? Megan dances and strips naked, showing off her wares to you. Naked, Megan handcuffs and chains herself in metal. Restrained just how she likes it best, she GIVES HEAD to a massive dildo. This slut is up for anything you desire, and Megan demonstrates just that as she fucks herself to orgasm in her chains. But we don't think she's quite restrained enough. How about a METAL CHAIN HOGTIE, BALL GAG AND MORE ORGASMS for this sex-hungry harem slavegirl? SEE MORE...

forced to cum

Featuring Sophia Knight, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

26 minute video & 134 photos

I persuade Sophia Knight to take a chance... Super-dominant Sophia finally gets on the receiving end for a very special bondage session! You see every step as I HOGTIE SOPHIA ON-SCREEN leaving her naked and tied totally helpless. Now, Sophia can do nothing to stop me indulging in her quirkiest fantasies, even if that means a load of attention to her bare feet and toes! I have suffered many times at the hands of Sophia and I make the most of this chance to get my own back! I can't hide my pleasure as finally Sophia is the one getting USED and BROUGHT TO ORGASM with the help of my naughty sex toy...! SEE MORE...

made to orgasm

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

10 minute video & 294 photos

I am chained and helpless. You give me a vibe and order me to use it. I don't need asking twice! I push it inside myself and soon I am orgasming! I show you my wet pussy, just as a good sex slave should! Then you ball-gag me... SEE MORE...

lesbian bondage

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Jasmine Jae, Barbie Sins

20 minute video & 132 photos

Forget Champagne and chocolates... I am in for a real treat for my birthday! I present myself to Mistress Jasmine Jae. And with the help of slavegirl Barbie, Mistress goes to town on me! Stripped down and exposed, I am BOUND to a WHEEL where I am tormented with a pinwheel, abused with nipple clamps, and LICKED OUT by Barbie from below! SPIN THAT WHEEL!! With me held completely helpless, my pussy now pointed at the ceiling, it's time to receive a really special lesbian bondage gift... SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair pussy

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Ashleigh Doll

20 minute video

I am brought to orgasm OVER AND OVER AGAIN as my Mistress Ashleigh punishes me for masturbating without permission! She ties me naked, legs held apart by a spreader bar, then sets to work om me. She makes me suck her strap-on cock then starts her work on me with a magic wand and then my worst nightmare...a FUCKING MACHINE!! I can't believe what Mistress is doing to me as she fucks me and SPIT-ROASTS me every way she can!!! Love Jasmine. xxx SEE MORE...

spreadeagle pussy

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Jaiden West, Sammie Kane

27 minute video & 299 photos

Rope bondage, corporal punishment, slave orgasms and revenge - this 3-girl scene has it all! I think I am doing my Mistress Sammie a favour when I tie fellow slavegirl Jaiden and whip her! But Mistress is furious at me, her slavegirl, becoming a domme without her permission! What a mistake I have made!! She orders us both to strip naked, ties us tight and punishes us to the max! We face nipple abuse, harsh pussy whipping, dildo fucking, ball-gagging, multiple orgasms and more! Jaiden is punished hard, but Mistress pays even more attention to me!! SEE MORE...

dildo bondage

Featuring Alessandra Jane, Roxi Keogh

21 minute video & 127 photos

Little maid Alessandra discovers her mistress's sex toys and can't help playing with them. But when Mistress Roxi finds her, it's Alessandra who ends up being played with! Alessandra is STRIPPED NAKED. With just a VIBRATING BULLET in her pussy for company, Alessandra gets MUMMIFIED with tape by Roxi! Completely helpless, Alessandra must endure Mistress Roxi's kinky combo of spanking, verbal abuse, and orgasms, all while she is perfectly mummified! SEE MORE...

bondage with sex toys

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Katie K

20 minute video & 144 photos

I can't believe it!! Wait till you see what Katie did to me here! We're playing an important game of tennis and taking a break between sets. Katie gets all weird with me and the next thing I know I'm on the floor and she's grabs my arms! Tying me up with bandages, she rips off my clothes and starts fingering my pussy! When I tell her to let me go she gags me with tape. Katie pulls my pussy apart and abuses me for her kinky desires. And no, she cannot be serious? Can she? She's got my tennis racket and is going to put it right up my....!!!!! SEE MORE...

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