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Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

16 minute video

Oh dear!!! I have NO CHOICE when he members decide I must bob for apples at Halloween! But this is no ordinary party game... Barefoot, chained and handcuffed, the water is deep and cold. With every apple, I get more and more drenched from head to toe! I lose all my dignity and my decency as my skimpy outfit turns see-through and hides nothing of me! But it is all such a turn-on for me and I am dripping inside, as well as outside! Fortunately I am given a vibe and boy do I have the most fantastic, and VERY WET orgasm!! Love Jasmine xxx SEE MORE...

pussy bondage

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sasha Cane

24 minute video

Sasha and I go to a Halloween party. But things don’t go as I expect... I find myself under Sasha’s spell, or is it Witch Sasha? Cuffed to a bed, Ie don’t resist as Sasha strips me naked then WHIPS MY PUSSY HARD! We French kiss as Sasha’s potion does it’s work. And now it’s time for me to face a deluge of hot wax from Sasha’s candle... SEE MORE...

forced to cum

Featuring Alessandra Jane, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

19 minute video & 141 photos

I run a tight ship at my brothel! My hookers do what they say or they pay the consequences. So when I discover Alessandra's been wasting her sex juices watching porn, I drag her in for punishment! Spread wide and tied tight, I teases the naughty bitch by showing the videos that turns Alessandra on so much...diaper porn! Oh yes, Alessandra is as kinky as they come. It drives her crazy not being able to touch herself as the porn plays on hehe! I work Alessandra's pussy but DENY her orgasms. Instead, I pull down my own panties and use ALESSANDRA'S TONGUE TO LICK ME OUT! And now I turn my attention to Alessandra's helpless pussy once more... SEE MORE...

made to orgasm

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

23 minute video

Watch me in the naughtiest detail in this self-bondage masturbation scene!! Here I admit on camera how I want to be filled with Master’s cock, but the vibrator will do for now... I deep-throat it then rub it on my tits and down to my pussy. Cuffed, chained and leg ironed, I am dripping wet inside and fuck myself every which way! I even find time to add some extra chains for a huge orgasm climax to this very kinky video.... SEE MORE...

lesbian bondage

Featuring Beth B, Jasmine Jae, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

22 minute video & 185 photos

What starts as an easy photoshoot for models Beth and Jasmine Jae soon turns kinky when I, the photographer, offer extra cash... The girls eagerly accept the money without realizing Beth is going to end up with her HANDS BOUND, her LEGS SPREAD by a wide wooden bar, and her PANTS DOWN while she is bent over a barrel! I get Jasmine Jae to FUCK HER FRIEND Beth with a STRAP-ON COCK while I shoot more pics. I get so excited I can't help fondling my own pussy! Jasmine Jae enjoys dominating Beth more and more as she gets her to cum again! But I have a surprise in store for Jasmine Jae too... SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair pussy

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Holly Kiss

28 minute video & 242 photos

How was I meant to know Mistress would be home early that day?? There I was, cleaning her bedroom, when I got a little distracted. Mistress was out and I was feeling so horny, so no harm in getting on her bed, making myself comfortable and fingering myself eh? Well, no harm until Mistress Holly burst in and caught me! Now she's going to fire me if I don't do whatever she wants!! I strip as she orders me, totally NAKED! And then she binds me with leather straps! It's too late to change my mind now, as she torments my bare body with a PINWHEEL then gets out a high-speed vibrating wand to bring me to ORGASMS OVER AND OVER! SEE MORE...

spreadeagle pussy

Featuring Stella Cox, Danielle Maye, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

16 minute video & 128 photos

Stella thinks she'll save a few grand by selling her house privately without telling me and Danielle, her real estate agents. That is her FIRST MISTAKE! We soon discover Stella's deceit and set about putting her straight... Stella won't pay what's due and that's her SECOND MISTAKE! We take that extremely personally. Furious, we pin Stella down and strip her, CUFFING her wrists and ankles! Whipping her body, we both kit up with STRAP-ON DILDOS which we get Stella to SUCK OFF. And now we set her up for a full-on BITCH SPIT-ROASTING!! SEE MORE...

dildo bondage

Featuring Sophia Smith, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

8 minute video & 341 photos

It's my turn to be in charge for a change, and I really make the most of it! Naked, barefoot, and hogtied in hemp rope, Sophia is helpless. I grab her feet and tickle her soles and toes. Sophia hates it, which just makes me tickle her more! But I'm not that cruel...I allow Sophia a short rest from my tickling, but only so I can spank her hard on her backside and soles instead! SEE MORE...

bondage with sex toys

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

7 minute video & 58 photos

TERROR BONDAGE FOR THE HALLOWEEN SEASON! It was a shortcut I was to live to regret. Rushing to get home, I took a route through the forest. I knew what people said, but surely the stories of the old man in the woods were just that...stories? I breathed in the pure, fresh air as I strolled briskly between the trees, completely unaware of the fate that was to become me... SEE MORE...

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