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Me and My Honeys are Bound, Stripped, Punished and Fucked...just as we DESERVE!

humilation of slavegirl

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sasha Cane

11 minute video

A fun and sexy two-girl naked bondage session to mark the start of the new year!

As 2013 ends and 2014 begins, it's party time for Sasha and me at as we dance the night away. But the cameraman is not impressed when we start flashing our tits and butts at anyone who wants to look! We are so desperate for another glass of Champagne...The cameraman finally agrees, but there are strings attached...actually it's ropes rather than strings :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love Jasmine xxxx SEE MORE...


Featuring Roxanna, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

8 minute video & 167 photos

Master has devised a punishing and kinky SEX BONDAGE GAME for his two slavegirls. Tied down SPREAD-EAGLE, our pussies wide open, we must pleasure themselves against a LARGE VIBRATING RUBBER COCK SUSPENDED FROM ABOVE!! Climax at the same time and he may let us both off with just a hard spanking. But if one of us comes first, then the other girl will be in real trouble!! This is the Battle of the Slave Pussies... SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Mistress Carly

30 minute video & 208 photos

I'm a puppygirl, and my trainer Mistress Carly teaches me a lesson I will never forget! She is furious at having me returned by an unhappy buyer, Mistress Carly will do everything it takes to get me back into shape for another sale...whatever it involves! She releases me from my doggy cage and whips me with her riding crop! Mistress makes me lick her boots and I gladly comply. She examines my body closely then locks me in chains. And now Mistress really tests me, with a strap-on that she makes me suck deep, then fucks me with it from behind, DOGGY STYLE!! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Victoria Summers

22 minute video & 190 photos

Merry Christmas To You!!

Wow, this is a very special video! Somehow I have made number one on Mrs Santa's Naughty List, and she is going to make me pay for that! My feet and hands are bound tight in cable ties, as Mrs Santa bends me over and SPANKS ME OVER HER KNEE! Then she ties me really tight and abuses my body, cutting off my top and panties and attaching Christmas nipple clamps to my tits, OUCH!!! She ring gags me then uses me to her heart's content, making me cum with a dildo then fucking me over and over with a STRAP-ON while she makes things even more intense for me with a massage wand!!! I am totally exhausted by the end of it, but it's not the end after all!! In walks SANTA CLAUS himself and he wants ORAL! Who am I to deny Father Christmas himself eh??! ;) A seriously amazing video for the Christmas season! Enjoy it...I certainly did!! Have a great time, guys and girls!!!! SEE MORE...

humiliated submissive

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

20 minute video & 212 photos

I am making a secret little naughty Christmas video for my lover, stripping naked and fingering myself, when in walks the BoundHoneys camera guy! He gives me an ominous smile and the next thing I know I am tied helpless on my back! He gags me then makes me cum with a massage wand! Just when I think things can't get any worse they do, with the BONDAGE FUCKING FROM HELL FROM A FUCKING MACHINE SET TO MAXIMUM!!!!! SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair humiliations

Featuring Jess West, Sapphire Blue

15 minute video & 130 photos

Stripping naked, gorgeous Jess and Sapphire can't keep their hands off each other. But Sapphire has decided tonight is going to be extra special... She pulls out rope she hid earlier. Jess loves every kinky second as Sapphire FROG-TIES her to the bed with her thighs open wide. Sapphire climbs on top and indulges in a BONDAGE SIXTY-NINE, both girls licking each other out! Slipping on a strap-on, Sapphire now FUCKS JESS HARD! But there's still more to come as Sapphire fits a COCK GAG to Jess and SITS ON HER FACE, cumming all over her!! SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair punished

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Katie K

22 minute video & 205 photos

How is this fair? In an onslaught of corporal punishment, bondage, and forced orgasms I must pay for the bad behaviour of ALL KATIE'S SLAVEGIRLS!! Mistress drags me in naked and spanks me hard on my butt till it glows red! She ties my hands above me and ties my legs apart so my pussy is on full show! She spanks me more and uses a flogger on my poor behind, and I have to count each punishing stroke! Mistress Katie K gets out a rubber cock and I must DEEP-THROAT IT! She sticks it below my pussy and she makes me FUCK IT TILL I COME!! Mistress masturbates with a wand at the same time and we come together! SEE MORE...

Featuring Sasha Cane

170 photos

A slavegirl's lot is not to ask questions. It is to please her Master. So when he decided slave Sasha should be cuffed and displayed, that's exactly what happened to her! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

10 minute video & 134 photos

I am naked and bound spread-eagle to a bed frame using ribbons along the lengths of my arms and legs. After a few minutes, a magic wand is taped to the bed so it rests on my pussy and forces me to cum! The bed rattles as I gyrates, and you get to see my complete orgasm from every possible angle! SEE MORE...

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