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Me and My Honeys are Bound, Stripped, Punished and Fucked...just as we DESERVE!

humilation of slavegirl

Featuring Sophia Smith, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

9 minute video & 265 photos

I can't help misbehaving when fellow slave Sophia is around. She's just too gorgeous to keep my hands off! But when Master discovers us playing around, he is having none of it... SEE MORE...


Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Danielle Maye

15 minute video & 175 photos

All I was doing was trying to help! Trying to free slavegirls in an evil harem, I stumble across some Kryptonite! IT'S A TRAP!! Totally weakened, I am no match for my Nemesis Danielle as she strips me and ties me in a ball! She whips me and abuses me as she tells me I am SUPER SLAVE, her sex slave to keep and use however she wants. I try to resist but it's no good. Danielle fucks me but stops before I can orgasm. How totally evil! And she has a load more planned for my pussy as well... SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Jess West

26 minute video & 137 photos

I can't believe it!! Jess offered to demonstrate how to mummify a sub, but instead she mummifies me!! By the time I realize what is going on, I am TOTALLY HELPLESS to stop it! She pushes me down on the bed and pulls off my shoes. With no way to stop her, she pushes a PENIS GAG into my mouth and attaches a vibrating wand over my pussy! Against my will I begin to orgasm, I'm so humiliated but that's nothing compared to when Jess SITS ON MY FACE TO FUCK HERSELF OVER ME!! SEE MORE...

Featuring Sophia Knight, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

20 minute video & 162 photos

Oh yes! Fresh meat for me to play with and girls don't get more tasty than gorgeous Sophia Knight here as she makes her debut on BoundHoneys!! I ask her some intimate questions to break the ice, then I get her to strip sexily for the camera. Sophia looks amazing naked, and even better when I tie her up helpless! With her hands behind her back, her boobs tied and her legs frogtied, Sophia's body is mine and I don't hold back! I whip her pussy hard and she seems to enjoy it! That just makes me more aroused as I finger her and fuck her with a vibe. What I really want to do is FUCK HER WITH A I do exactly that!!! ;) SEE MORE...

humiliated submissive

Featuring Ashleigh MacKenzie, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

228 photos

Master has a treat in store...well a treat in store for YOU! :-) He knows how well I get on with her fellow slavegirl Ashleigh, so he orders me to hogtie her naked with handcuffs. Then I have to hogtie myself with cuffs too!! SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair humiliations

Featuring Sasha Cane

9 minute video & 203 photos

Sasha looks so pretty dressed in just her bra and that rope harness. We made sure the rope really dug into her crotch, stimulating her clit (I had plans for this girl!) After letting her pose for a few shots, I got down to business, tying her hands behind her back and her ankles to the table legs, spreading her wide. Now for some fun... SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair punished

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Samantha Bentley

20 minute video & 163 photos

I always keep my promises. So when Sam pulls off an amazing bet, I take the forfeit however weird she might make it. But I had no idea what was coming!! Sam gets me to strip out of my blouse and bra. Then she ballgags me! Too late to pull out now as she ties my wrists and starts licking my feet through my stockings. She pulls them off and it's my bare soles and toes that get her attention. I've never had a girl do this to me before and I have to say it feels amazing!! Not a bad forfeit after all? Well I am wrong there! Sam gets me to lie on my front and strips me completely naked! She ties my ankles to the bed post and now I am for it...Sam whips my feet hard! The flogger stings on my soles and I scream in agony! But Sam has no intention to stop, and to make it ten times worse she is forcing me to cum with a massage wand held against my clit! SEE MORE...

Featuring Faye, Holly Kiss, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

22 minute video & 123 photos

Haha! Silly Faye! As headmistress I manage to get Faye to see teacher Holly for some very special after-school activity. College girl Faye will do anything to impress her wannabe boyfriend, so when Holly suggests stripping to her panties for some photos, Faye doesn't hesitate! It's easy pickings for my teacher Holly as she gets Faye completely naked, strapped in leather, ballgagged and blindfolded with a hood! Totally helpless, Faye is finally told the truth by Holly but now it is way to late to get out of this! Holly uses Faye as her submissive plaything, using her and making her cum as much as she wants! When will my pupils ever learn...this is the School of Bondage afterall! ;-) SEE MORE...

Featuring Sasha Cane, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

18 minute video & 170 photos

It's not often Master gives me the chance to have so much lesbian fun with a fellow slavegirl, so this is an opportunity I am not going to miss! Sasha has been very good, not orgasming for a whole month. So under Master's strict orders, I treat her to an orgasm sesssion she won't forget... I tie Sasha helpless with her legs wide apart. I spank her and whip her and clamp her nipples. But my main target is her pussy! I pinwheel it and rip open her pantyhose. Now it is mine!! I lick it and bring her to cum with a vibe, a massage wand and even stuff a bullet in her at the same time! Sasha cums and cums again!! A whole month of orgasms all coming out in one session! I am so aroused I can't help myself pulling off my panties and fucking myself as I cum too! SEE MORE...

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