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Me and My Honeys are Bound, Stripped, Punished and Fucked...just as we DESERVE!

humilation of slavegirl

Featuring Natalia Forrest, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

23 minute video & 155 photos

Poor Natalia. She has an embarrassing problem, but she needs not have worried, I will fix her! My methods are not standard practice I know, but they work! I tie Natalia to the bed naked, legs spread, butt high in the air. Then I examine her pussy, burying my finger inside, then opening it wide with forceps. Now to really treat my patient...I push a vibe into her pussy and at the same time I make her cum with a vibrating wand!! That's not the end of my treatment though. I tapegag Natalia, all for her own good! Then I grab a special double-ended vibrating dildo and use it to fuck Natalia from behind! Love Jasmine. xxx SEE MORE...


Featuring Jasmine Jae, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

16 minute video & 179 photos

Happy New Year!

A SENSATIONAL LESBIAN SEX BONDAGE START TO 2016 as I get to have my way with a girl who has dominated, abused, and fucked her hard many times...the incredible Jasmine Jae! Jasmine Jae wakes to find herself completely naked, tied SPREADEAGLE and helpless, and being LICKED OUT BY ME! She can do nothing as I help herself to those huge tits and delicious, pierced pussy! Using a combination of a COCK GAG, a vibrating wand, and my own tongue, I FUCK HER TO ORGASM again and again! And I can't resist sitting on the cock gag and CUMMING ON JASMINE JAE'S FACE!! :-) Wicked but justified retribution by one Jasmine on another! What better way to start the New Year?! SEE MORE...

Featuring Amber Jayne

17 minute video & 144 photos

A punishing and humiliating debut for sweet Amber Jayne in her first ever bondage video on the Web, exclusive to BoundHoneys! Maid Amber is meant to be cleaning the wetroom. But Amber gets easily distracted. So when she finds the owner's vibe, she cannot help using it on herself! It's very unfortunate then that the owner enters and finds Amber fucking her sex toy! Amber is seconds away from being fired. But Amber says she will DO ANYTHING to keep her job. The owner agrees as long as she does everything she demands... Will Amber take everything ordered of her, even if it means being CHAINED UP, performing deviant SEX ACTS, and even GETTING SOAKED by the shower?! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

20 minute video & 182 photos

Merry Christmas To You!!

I hope you like my outfit, Snow White, although I have an idea I won't be dressed for long! As I open my present, I suddenly realize it is a SYBIAN FUCKING MACHINE!!! Wow, I've wanted one for ages but this is the first one I've even seen!! I beg to have a go immediately, but it seems I must do a couple things first: I have to STRIP out of my costume, CHAIN my wrists and ankles, and CLAMP CHRISTMAS NIPPLE CLAMPS to my tits! Ouch! But there is nothing going to stop me getting fucked by this amazing machine! I eagerly suck off its cock, and now it's time for me to submit my pussy hole to its HIGH-SPEED FUCKFEST!! SEE MORE...

humiliated submissive

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Jess West, Katie K

26 minute video & 184 photos

Christmas Fairy Katie's dreams come true when she opens the presents and finds 2 very life-like sex dolls (me and Jess) tied up. Katie waves her wand and brings doll Jess to life. Now she sets to work groping, punishing, abusing, and most of all FUCKING TO PIECES sex doll me with Jess's help! LIKE A CHRISTMAS TURKEY, I AM TRUSSED UP AND STUFFED BOTH ENDS!! I am whipped, licked out, stripped, 69'ed, clamped, pinwheeled, fucked over and over, and made to suck lesbian rubber cock all at once! Phew!!!!! SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair humiliations

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Chloe Toy, Sophia Knight

23 minute video & 209 photos

New ballet student Chloe is so stupid! Sophia and I both think so! So when she arrives late for class, we decide to teach her a lesson. Except Sophia seems to think I need to learn a lesson too...?! What the hell? Sophia half-strips Chloe and me, handcuffs us and chains our legs. And now she makes us SUCK OFF A DOUBLE-ENDED DILDO! Not that I mind lol! Sophia rips open Chloe PANTYHOSE and orders me to finger her and lick her out. Chloe tastes so good, but Sophia is not impressed by my efforts! She grabs me and now it's me on my back with my pantyhose ripped open while Chloe penetrates me with her fingers and tongue!! Sophia is out of control but it's not stopping there, no way! She makes us go on all-fours and grabs the DOUBLE-ENDED DILDO. And now it's heading for our pussies...! SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair punished

Featuring Kacie James, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

23 minute video & 198 photos

Kacie's secret fantasy of being dominated by a lesbian Domme turns into EXTREME REALITY, and I'm the lucky girl who takes her bondage cherry! :) At the mercy of me, Mistress Jasmine, I order Kacie to strip naked, frogtie her in tight hemp and ball-gag her. After cropping her ass, I head for Kacie's inviting pussy, abusing it with a whip and a pinwheel. Now I fuck Kacie DEEP with a vibe and my fingers. Then I dish out a series of abuse to my little sub, making Kacie endure STRAP-ON FUCKING, MULTIPLE BONDAGE ORGASMS and FACE-SITTING thanks to a penis-gag fastened into her mouth!! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Stella Cox, Jasmine Jae

24 minute video & 169 photos

3-GIRL LESBIAN BONDAGE SEX where I must submit to everything if I want my divorce money! I bring my secretary Stella Cox along to the meeting, but that was a bad idea... Kinky lawyer Jasmine Jae uses Stella to make her bondage sex with me even more depraved! She gets Stella to cuff my hands and feet. Now, with my panties down, Stella must HAND SPANK my ass while I am made to DEEPTHROAT Jasmine Jae's strap-on dildo! Stella and I end up TIED TOGETHER with Stella COCKGAGGED, and now the heat gets turned up even more... There's no escape for me as I am GROPED, ABUSED, HUMILIATED and LESBIAN SPIT-ROASTED TO ORGASM for Jasmine Jae's twisted pleasure! SEE MORE...

Featuring LouLou, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

13 minute video & 105 photos

We do what we say on the tin at The Bondage Hotel! We take innocent girls and transform them into broken, submissive little things who will do whatever they are ordered to do! On her first night, LouLou is in my charge, and I make sure she knows who is boss! I lead her naked down the stairs and order her to worship me, licking my boots. I tie her to the banister so her legs are wide apart and her pussy hole open. And then I abuse her. I whip her, I grope her, I finger her and I make her cum! And while I make her orgasm I finger myself too! But I haven't finished with her yet. I still have my strap-on to use on her...!!! Love Jasmine. xxx SEE MORE...

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