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Me and My Honeys are Bound, Stripped, Punished and Fucked...just as we DESERVE!

humilation of slavegirl

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

29 minute video & 160 photos

Two of my very favourite things here together: Bondage and Foot Fetish! You lost a bet and so it's me in charge for once! ;-) I strip out of my silk stockings and blouse and show you my feet. I know you want them but you can't touch hehe! I tie my toes in string and strip completely naked. Now I tie myself open wide to the desk. My pussy is on complete show, and I finger myself to orgasms while I force you to watch! I know you want to get inside me, but I say what happens tonight! Then again, maybe just maybe you will get to play after all...? SEE MORE...


Featuring LouLou, Holly Kiss

18 minute video & 113 photos

The Slavegirl Sex Swing makes a welcome return, and this time it's gorgeous LouLou who's tied open wide and helpless, and at the non-existent mercy of Holly Kiss! Naked and collared, LouLou obediently licks and worships her Mistress's boots, but she knows her fate is already sealed. Holly orders her into the swing and ties her, legs upward and apart, pussy fully exposed... LouLou faces gagging, nipple clamping, and forced orgasms from a dildo. And with LouLou's sex hole wide and open for the taking, Holly slips on her strap-on for even more fun with her slavegirl!! SEE MORE...

Featuring Kacie James, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

16 minute video & 229 photos

How lucky am I? It was just a normal day in the tribe when into my hut appears a very cute brunette, lost and wanting help. Well, of course I can help...Help myself to your gorgeous body that is! ;-) I rip open her blouse and strip her naked! I tie her tight and gag her with my rope! And now it's time to prepare my catch for the tribal elders, but not before I have my fun with her... I fuck her with a vibe, abuse her body, then I TAKE HER FROM BEHIND WITH A STRAP-ON TILL SHE CUMS AGAIN!! Oh yes, this is a very lucky day for me! SEE MORE...

Featuring Ashleigh Doll, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

24 minute video & 144 photos

Ashleigh and I must outperform each other to win the only place at the Bondage Ballet School. But we're not talking ballet steps here...whoever gets the naughtiest wins the place! But things get really ugly when we show just how bitchy we can be when there is so much at stake...Catfighting, nylon ripping, cuffs, chains, and multiple forced orgasms and more!! SEE MORE...

humiliated submissive

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Hannah Shaw, Victoria Summers

23 minute video & 219 photos


This is a very special EASTER SPECIAL! :-) Wonderful Mistress Victoria Summers is in a bit of a dilemna...Given 2 caged little bunnygirls she can only keep one. But who is it to be? In a series of kinky, painful and degrading tests, Hannah and I are stripped, spread, cuffed, examined, whipped and abused! We are made to worship Mistress Victoria's body till she is satisfied. We are fucked with rabbits, penis gags, DOUBLE-ENDER VIBES, and even real carrots! Forming a BUNNYGIRL BONDAGE SEX CHAIN we fuck each other face-to-pussy as hard as we can...I am determined to be Mistress Victoria's very lucky winner, but so is Hannah. Who will win? You'll have to watch... ;-)

jasmine sinclair humiliations

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sasha Cane

15 minute video & 222 photos

Here is my first special update for this Easter. I hope you enjoy it! I dress up as a bunnygirl and I'm given a little treat...well that's what they told me before Sasha gets her bunny paws on me, chains me up and fucks me!! And who's that cage for do you reckon??! Love Jasmine xxxx SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair punished

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

16 minute video & 261 photos

I show off my new silk stockings and gloves, but Master has bigger plans for me... Tying my thighs and ankles so my pussy is fully exposed, he gives me sex toys to play with. I orgasm twice, but that was just the warmup. Now he ties me totally helpless, gags me, and makes me orgasm over and over and over... SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Faye

23 minute video & 199 photos

I walk straight into Faye's trap and endures a night of TIGHT BONDAGE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, HUMILIATION, AND LESBIAN BONDAGE FUCKING!! Faye stands to make a lot of money from my predicament and the more fun she has with me the more she will make! I've been tricked completely! I find myself tied helpless and stripped with only my skimpy panties left. But even those don't last long with Faye around! Faye spanks and paddles my backside, gags me to stop me moaning and takes my panties off so I am utterly exposed. It's now OPEN SEASON ON MY BODY as Faye abuses me, fucks me with a vibe, and forces me to orgasm with a massage wand... What have I done to deserve this, eh guys? ;-) SEE MORE...

Featuring Sasha Cane

9 minute video & 195 photos

A superb POV (Point Of View) video of bondage and forced orgasms for one of the sexiest submissives around! Sasha's quiet night in turns anything but, when she is suddenly approached by an unseen stranger... SEE MORE...

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