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Me and My Honeys are Bound, Stripped, Punished and Fucked...just as we DESERVE!

humilation of slavegirl

Featuring Kacie James, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

15 minute video & 159 photos

Kacie and I get some time away from our boyfriends and we can't resist getting intimate with each other. We can't keep our hands off each other and soon I find myself licking out Kacie's pussy. Yummmm!! We don't even notice when the guys come back and catch us at it! They are not happy and immediately strip up naked and tie us spread to the bed, our pussies together!! I can't believe it when they ballgag us and stick a double-ended vibrator inside us both! They order us to fuck and we have no choice!! And then things get even worse for Kacie and me... Love Jasmine xxx SEE MORE...


Featuring Ava Dalush, Chloe Toy, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

13 minute video & 134 photos

After I got subjected to an orgy of barefoot fetish, bondage and orgasms in episode 1, now it's my turn to be on top! Naked and bound in rope, Ava and Chloe's feet are mine to use and abuse however I want! I MASTURBATE with their BARE FEET hard against my pussy. Then I make Chloe and Ava SUCK OFF my toes while I cum again! SEE MORE...

Featuring LouLou, Holly Kiss

17 minute video & 123 photos

LouLou's second night's stay at the Bondage Hotel is one night she will NEVER FORGET! Mistress Holly won't take any insubordination and LouLou pays dearly...Naked and barefoot, LouLou is PUSSY WHIPPED AND ABUSED, then tied SPREAD-OPEN for more punishment! Mistress Holly STRAP-ON FUCKS her till she cums then, just when LouLou can't take any more, she finds herself orgasming hard once more!! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

15 minute video

I'm meant to be cleaning the shower, but I'd rather give you a SOAKING BONDAGE SEX SHOW instead! I'm begging to be dominated and I start to submit by stripping out of my uniform. Hope you like the show! It makes me completely aroused and I can't help fondling herself. CUFFING MY WRISTS, I turn on the shower. As I get more and more drenched, I grab a rubber cock and use it in every dirty way I can! I suck, I fuck and then I FUCK MYSELF MORE! And thanks to a special camera you even get to see the soaking hot action from below! :) SEE MORE...

humiliated submissive

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sasha Cane

23 minute video & 227 photos

Sasha REALLY goes to town on my body, tying me up legs wide open, stripping me, abusing my body, and FUCKING ME whether I like it or not!!! (but I LOVE it hehe!!) Sasha even straps a PENIS-GAG in my mouth and FACE-FUCKS me!! Wow, the smell of her sex juices as she came on me was incredible!!! Love Jasmine. xxx SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair humiliations

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Natalia Forrest

22 minute video & 220 photos

Hmmm, how do I get in all these embarrassing situations? Not that I'm complaining! My trainer Natalia will get me fit at any cost, to me! She tries whipping me into shape, but then she goes a lot further!! She strips me, binds me and abuses my tits!! She spanks me and vibes me till I cum! Then she brings out a FUCKING MACHINE and sets that on me!!! Love Jasmine. xxx SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair punished

Featuring Chloe Toy, me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sophia Knight

28 minute video & 139 photos

Full Release Massage is all the rage as Chloe is about to find out... My trainee Sophia and Isoon have Chloe butt naked and on the table. Tied down helpless, legs open, we work our naughty magic in all her nooks and crannies! A high-power massage wand applied to Chloe's pussy vibrates the tension out of her...not to mention driving her wild! We flip Chloe on to her back, and with Chloe still bound tight, it's 2-ON-1 as we team up bringing her to orgasm, while I decide to strip naked and MOUNT CHLOE'S FACE for an ORAL ORGASM of my own! :) SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Mistress Carly

30 minute video & 208 photos

I'm a puppygirl, and my trainer Mistress Carly teaches me a lesson I will never forget! She is furious at having me returned by an unhappy buyer, Mistress Carly will do everything it takes to get me back into shape for another sale...whatever it involves! She releases me from my doggy cage and whips me with her riding crop! Mistress makes me lick her boots and I gladly comply. She examines my body closely then locks me in chains. And now Mistress really tests me, with a strap-on that she makes me suck deep, then fucks me with it from behind, DOGGY STYLE!! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sasha Cane

17 minute video & 144 photos

I awake to find myself HOODED, GAGGED, and TIED SPREADEAGLE to a bed. I have no idea who is groping my body, or what is going to happen to me next! My captor cuts and rips my clothes totally to shreds, and helps themselves to my tits and pussyk working me to orgasm. Finally they pull off my hood.... Sasha! How could you?! And now it's Sasha's turn to get some sexual satisfaction, as she MOUNTS MY FACE and cums on top of me! SEE MORE...

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