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Me and my honeys GET HORNY KNOWING YOU are Watching US!

Featuring Jaiden West, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

25 minute video & 193 photos

When Jaiden says she will do anything to takeover from my job as personal assistant, I set about finding out if she really means it! I tell her to strip then spank her ass...HARD! She doesn't seem to mind that so I up the stakes, tying her up, ripping open her pantyhose and whipping her bare tits! I ballgag her and spank and whip her more. Wow, she can take quite a thrashing hehe! But let's fing out if she really has what it takes to do my job... I fuck her with a vibe and a massage wand making her cum. And now I put on my STRAP-ON COCK and FUCK HER FROM BEHIND!! Can she take it all? Watch and find out... SEE MORE...

Featuring Alessandra Jane, Roxi Keogh, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

25 minute video & 220 photos

Roxi strips, blindfolds, and cuffs girlfriend Alessandra for a night of kinky bondage sex, but when Roxi pops out for a moment, someone else walks in... Me! I'm meant to be stealing their jewels, but when I discover Alessandra I decide to sample the goods first! I take advantage of the helpless blonde, gagging her and EATING OUT HER PUSSY! Now I turn my attention to rich bitch Roxi, overpowering her in the corridor, handcuffing her, and stealing her jewellery from her safe! Hooded and ballgagged, Roxi is led back to the bedroom. With both girls unable to see and chained down, I use them as my SEX TOYS, bringing them to orgasm, licking out pussy, and FACE SITTING for orgasms of my own! SEE MORE...

whipping photos

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss

27 minute video & 204 photos

Ancient Rome, 50 AD: Not sure what I did to deserve this at all! Gladiator Holly drags me by my chain! I'm a slavegirl and I try my best to please my mistress but for some reason Holly despises me, so she picks me to show her trainee Hannah how to treat a misbehaving slavegirl! It wouldn't be quite so bad but Hannah used to be a slavegirl just like me! I'm barefoot and vulnerable and Holly makes the most of it, whipping my backside till it glows BRIGHT RED! And now it's Hannah's turn, except she has an awful WOODEN THRASHER that stings so much with every swipe! Now they tie me tight and naked to a pillar and abuse my body and nipples as much as they like. They even GAG ME WITH ROPE! It's my pussy that gets the worst of it though, fucked and fucked till I cum and cum! The life of a slavegirl eh?! SEE MORE...

tickling pictures

Featuring Chessie Kay, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

18 minute video & 128 photos

Chessie walks into my bar just as it's closing. But it's raining outside... I take pity on Chessie, or do I?! I overpower Chessie and soon she is BOUND WITH LEATHER STRAPS and stripped on my bar! I know Chessie is a hooker and I take out my disgust on the wench! Chessie is totally helpless in her straps, so when I attach a vibrating wand over Chessie's pussy, there is nothing she can do but cum! Fitting Chessie with a COCK GAG, I suck it then FUCK it! I'm going to use Chessie as my own HUMAN SEXTOY!! SEE MORE...

tickle torture

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

167 photos

I was so excited, out on my first manoeuvre! I really wanted to please my sergeant, get in his good books. I caught him alone and decided to try my feminine charms, flirting my curves and more at him. BIG MISTAKE!! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Jess West

26 minute video & 137 photos

I can't believe it!! Jess offered to demonstrate how to mummify a sub, but instead she mummifies me!! By the time I realize what is going on, I am TOTALLY HELPLESS to stop it! She pushes me down on the bed and pulls off my shoes. With no way to stop her, she pushes a PENIS GAG into my mouth and attaches a vibrating wand over my pussy! Against my will I begin to orgasm, I'm so humiliated but that's nothing compared to when Jess SITS ON MY FACE TO FUCK HERSELF OVER ME!! SEE MORE...

Featuring Jasmine Jae, me (Jasmine Sinclair), Roxi Lloyd

15 minute video & 159 photos

After our complete humiliation, abuse, and bondage sex at the hands of strict prison guard Jasmine Jae, Roxi and I plot our revenge! And today's the day we dish it out... Tricking Jae into our cell, we overpower her and CUFF HER HANDS behind her back. Guard Jasmine Jae is now our plaything as we strip her and treat her to SOAKING WET PANTIES STUFFED into her mouth, ORAL BONDAGE FUCKING, degrading perverted acts, STRAP-ON LESBIAN SPIT-ROASTING, and so much more! Oh yes, we will have their revenge and Jasmine Jae will pay dear!! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Victoria Summers

25 minute video & 214 photos

I've met this type of girl before...She's one of those internet mistresses and bare feet turn her on so much! Shame if her friends found out eh? Think I'll have some fun with her, making her lick my soles and suck my toes... Except, Victoria decides enough is enough! She overpowers me, strips me totally naked and ties me up! And now she seems to think it's ok to do anything and everything she wants with my feet, and my pussy too... A great video if you love sexy bare feet fun with bondage and orgasms thrown in as well! ;-) Jasmine. xx SEE MORE...

barefoot tickle torture

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Stella Cox, Danielle Maye

19 minute video & 178 photos

The grand final of the Miss Wet T-Shirt contest and after shaking our soaking boobies, I grab first place over Stella! Yeyyy! Now its time to collect my prize. But here is where presenter Danielle and Stella make a real splash... They grab me and tie me up, my tits exposed and unable to stop their kinky plans! Collaring me and clamping my nipples, those bondage-loving bitches YANK DOWN MY HOTPANTS so they can have even more naughty fun! Stella and Danielle giggle as they push me down for a watery BONDAGE STRAP-ON FUCKING that I will never forget!! SEE MORE...

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