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Me and my honeys GET HORNY KNOWING YOU are Watching US!

Featuring Alessandra Jane, me (Jasmine Sinclair), Roxi Keogh

23 minute video & 132 photos

Next time you order pizza, think of us hehe! :-) Roxi and I tip pizza delivery girl Alessandra by pinning her to our bed and CUTTING OFF HER UNDIES. Naked and under our control, we cuff and chain Alessandra before treating her to LICKING AND WHIPPING of her PUSSY! Pain, punishment and pleasure overwhelm Alessandra as she moans with excitement through her BALLGAG while we do whatever we want with her wonderful body. And now we MOUNT ALESSANDRA onto the COCK OF A SUPER-POWERFUL SYBIAN. Things are just about to get even more intense for our cute pizza girl...! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Danielle Maye

24 minute video & 222 photos

I awake to find my potential new owner rattling my cage! Dominatrix Danielle May releases me from the cage so she can test me out thoroughly before she decides to buy me. I hope I will please her! She tells me to strip and I gladly obey. Mistress makes me lick her boots and FLOGS me from tits to my pussy and my ass. Tying me down on all-fours, she fits a cock gag in my mouth and uses me to FUCK HERSELF TO ORGASM!! Now it's my turn as Domme Danielle FUCKS ME WITH A STRAP-ON to test just how well I cum!! SEE MORE...

whipping photos

Featuring Barbie Sins, me (Jasmine Sinclair), Jasmine Jae

15 minute video & 106 photos

Now it's slavegirl Barbie's turn to endure a revolution of bondage punishment and sexual pleasure! Mistress Jasmine Jae gets fellow slavegirl me to STRIP BARBIE NAKED and then straps Barbie to the Wheel, LEGS SPREAD and totally unable to move. We CLAMP Barbie's tits, WHIP her body and BALLGAG her silent. Barbie moans and groans as we finger her and RAM A VIBE deep into her pussy! And now comes Barbie's very, very special ride on the Wheel...!! SEE MORE...

tickling pictures

Featuring Chessie Kay, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

32 minute video & 191 photos

Chessie doesn't hesitate to volunteer to go under my spell! She is soon doing everything I ask of her, even if what I ask is very kinky indeed!! :-) I get Chessie to lick my boots, strip naked and then dress as a maid. She cuffs her hands and feet in metal and LICKS MY PUSSY OUT FROM BELOW!! But I want a lot, lot more and Chessie does too! I strip naked and get Chessie to FUCK ME WITH A COCK GAG!! And I don't leave things there either hehe...! SEE MORE...

tickle torture

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Sasha Cane

19 minute video & 170 photos

I am so excited! Today's the day when my architect, Sasha, reveals her plans for my new house! It has everything I could wish for and more, as Sasha has added a SECRET PLAY ROOM to the plans... I didn't ask for this, so Sasha demonstrates just what goes on in the playroom, by CUFFING my hands, half stripping me, and snogging my face off! Not that I'm complaining! :-) I do little to resist the horny architect as I am pushed down over the desk for an ASS SPANKING! With my legs spread by a bar, Sasha can play all she wants...with her STRAP-ON COCK and MY PUSSY!! SEE MORE...

Featuring Holly Kiss, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

25 minute video & 174 photos

When I knock at Holly's door I pretend to be a policewoman escorting her to court. But that's a trick! I overpower her, handcuff her and blindfold her. I'm really here to stop her getting to court. That way the case against my accomplice will be thrown out and she will get away with it! :-) Hmmm, while I have Holly in my control I may as well have some fun with her eh? I tie her SPREAD OPEN to the bed and ball-gag her. Now I help myself to her pussy, FUCKING HER WITH A STRAP-ON!! And why should Holly have all the fun eh? So I strip naked myself, push a COCK-GAG into her mouth and MOUNT HER FACE cumming all over her!!! SEE MORE...

Featuring Lucia Love, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

19 minute video & 165 photos

I come home from a bad day to discover my slavegirl Lucia has been wanking herself off! I take out all my frustrations on that quivering slave, SPANKING HER BUTT CHEEKS till they glow! And I barrage her with a sadist, sexy mix of pain and punishment! I finger Lucia's pussy, fit Lucia with CLOVER NIPPLE CLAMPS, and cuff her hands to a chain from the ceiling. Spreading Lucia's legs wide with a metal bar, Lucia is MOUNTED ON A FUCKING POLE where she must fuck herself to orgasm. It turns me on so much that I cum myself! SEE MORE...

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair)

24 minute video & 198 photos

A COSPLAY SPECIAL FOR HALLOWEEN AS CATGIRL GETS A LOAD MORE PUSSY ACTION THAN SHE BARGAINED FOR! When someone discovers my real identity of CatGirl, they put me through a series of tough, kinky and sexy punishments!! First I find myself hooded, ballgagged, and tied to a chair. My nipples have WEIGHTED CLAMPS on and my pussy is filled with a vibe! I cum and drool all at once! Then things get even worse when I am tied standing up, my legs apart and my pussy on a penis pole....!! This is one Halloween I'll definitely remember! ;-) SEE MORE...

barefoot tickle torture

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), LouLou, Danielle Maye

20 minute video & 101 photos


LouLou and I want a Halloween party to end all parties. But we didn't expect this!! I awake to find myself in a LIVING NIGHTMARE! I'm blindfolded, completely naked, and strapped down totally helpless! And beside me is LouLou, just as naked, and caged in metal bars! The mysterious Mistress Danielle enters and offers us chance of a TRICK OR TREAT. I win a treat but it's not as simple as that... My treat is to be brought to HARD ORGASM by the naked LouLou and the help of a vibrating wand held hard against my pussy! Now ballgagged, we are given another game by Danielle. And this time it will be LouLou cumming, while I am taken for a spin...

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