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Featuring Chessie Kay, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

25 minute video & 135 photos

Slavegirl Chessie is in for a treat. When her blindfold comes off, I reveal the Wheel of Torment, and Chessie is going to take a ride! But first I strip Chessie naked for a WHIPPING AND DILDO FUCKING she won't forget in a hurry! My cruelty rises as I pinch CLOVER CLAMPS on to Chessie's sensitive nipples. Now strapped into the Wheel of Torment and ballgagged, Chessie prepares herself for what is coming next. But this is going to be like nothing she's ever experienced, as she is BOUND TIGHT and gets PUNISHED AND FUCKED UPSIDE-DOWN!! SEE MORE...

pussy bondage

Featuring Sophia Smith, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

16 minute video

When Sophia disobeys my direct orders, it's time she learns some harsh lessons, and I'm in just the mood to give it to her...HARD!! It's not long before I have her stripped totally naked on the floor. I collar her and now there is no turning back; Sophia is my slave and I'm going to have a whole load of bondage fun with her, starting with a roll of bondage tape... SEE MORE...

forced to cum

Featuring Lucy Love, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

17 minute video & 139 photos

I am feeling very generous today. I decide to give my slavegirl a real treat! But first she must worship my boots and take a pussy whipping she will not forget!!! Now her treat begins... I tie her WIDE OPEN AND NAKED to my swing. Her pussy is fully exposed and I waste no time playing with it and penetrating it with my sex toys. I bring lucky Lucy to the brink of her first orgasm, but I'm not letting her have it all her own way just yet, hehe! ;-) SEE MORE...

made to orgasm

Featuring Beth B, Jasmine Jae, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

14 minute video & 194 photos

So much for a normal photoshoot hehe! As the photographer, I have other ideas! ;-) With Beth NAKED AND TIED SPREADEAGLE, I turn my attention to her fellow model Jasmine Jae! I give her no choice but to obey me as i order her to LICK OUT the helpless Beth, finger her, and make her cum! Putting on a strap-on I then FUCK JASMINE JAE FROM BEHIND in what turns into an INCREDIBLE 3-GIRL BONDAGE SEX ORGY!!! SEE MORE...

lesbian bondage

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Natalia Forrest

20 minute video & 201 photos

Maybe I should have waited for backup when I went to arrest this night club regular Natalia for substance indiscretions! Before I know it, she has me overpowered and I find myself TAPE GAGGED, CHAINED, CUFFED with MY OWN HANDCUFFS, and my uniform is all but STRIPPED OFF ME! Natalia sets to work on my body, whipping my butt, tormenting my tits, and FUCKING ME with her STRAP-ON! SEE MORE...

jasmine sinclair pussy

Featuring Carly Rae, me (Jasmine Sinclair)

18 minute video & 164 photos

Carly Rae should have known better. When a P.A. job offers twice the normal personal assistant salary, there's got to be a catch. And there is! Interviewing Carly, I really put her through her paces. But I'm not talking about taking notes and arranging appointments. Instead, I get Carly on all-fours and treat her butt to SPANKING and a HARSH WHIPPING! Ordering Carly to strip naked, I collar and chain her, and fit her mouth with a BONE GAG...Didn't I say? Silly me...PA actually means "PERSONAL ANIMAL"!! Now I OWN Carly, and like a cruel owner I will do whatever I want with Carly's body! I grab a STRAP-ON and Carly is about to face punishment and bondage abuse she has never even dreamed off!! SEE MORE...

spreadeagle pussy

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Natalia Forrest, Sasha Cane

33 minute video

Tied down naked while 2 girls get me to cum over and over! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!

I've been found out! BOTH my girlfriends find out about each other and now itís decision time! Tying me to the bed spread-eagle, they strip me, tickle me without mercy, rip my pantyhose to shreds, and make me choose just one of them. But who can make me orgasm the hardest...? SEE MORE...

dildo bondage

Featuring me (Jasmine Sinclair), Danielle Maye

15 minute video & 175 photos

All I was doing was trying to help! Trying to free slavegirls in an evil harem, I stumble across some Kryptonite! IT'S A TRAP!! Totally weakened, I am no match for my Nemesis Danielle as she strips me and ties me in a ball! She whips me and abuses me as she tells me I am SUPER SLAVE, her sex slave to keep and use however she wants. I try to resist but it's no good. Danielle fucks me but stops before I can orgasm. How totally evil! And she has a load more planned for my pussy as well... SEE MORE...

bondage with sex toys

Featuring Beth B, Jasmine Jae

24 minute video & 202 photos

Beth is desperate to divorce her millionaire husband, but no way can she afford even the lawyer's fees! But lawyer Jasmine has an idea how Beth can pay her in other ways, but Beth must do everything Jasmine demands... Jasmine fingers Beth and gets Beth to LICK HER OUT! Beth doesn't mind as she's fancied Jasmine for a while, but then things get decidely kinky! Jasmine pulls out CHAIN and orders Beth to STRIP NAKED. With Beth completely exposed, Jasmine BALLGAGS her, cuffs her hands and feet, and FUCKS her from behind with a STRAP-ON! Now Jasmine owns Beth and she does whatever she wants with her! SEE MORE...

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